Jun 6, 2010


Manbearpig surveyed the situation.  The crowd of Kobolds were retreating back into their clown-car-like tents.

The time to act was soon.

Not yet.

He squinted.

But... soon.

Shitanya, not entirely unlike a person first learning to throw a Frisbee, grabbed Manbearpig by the head and threw his face into the ground, yelling "I'll save you!" as she did so.

Manbearpig grunted and tasted the dirt.

"oooh!  oooooh uhhh yeah!"  Shitanya mumbled "Sorry about that." Shitanya brushed off his shoulder a little "I was... going to throw you to safety... and uh..."

Manbearpig arched his eyebrow, which really, said all there was that needed to be said.

"And uhh... didn't.  I guess.  (exactly)"

Manbearpig paused.

"(probably shouldn't have thrown you at all, really)" Shitanya mumbled.

Manbearpig prepared the perfect words.

"I mean... not that I couldn't - you totally caught on my claw, otherwise you would have had some pretty sweet air time, I mean, I could really toss you..."

Manbearpig breathed in deeply.

"But, maybe, I shouldn't just... umm.. toss... you...  (at all, really)"

Manbearpig paused a second, ensuring the perfect timing, and finally, exclaimed quite loudly "What the hell woman!?"

Everyone stopped and looked, paused, saw that this was to be the end of the conversation, and resumed their battle.

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