Jun 12, 2010

I'm a big boy now

Shitanya was the first to respond, and quickly asked Ash "what should we do?" Ash replied by pants-around-ankles-shuffling towards the former entrance, in possibly one of the more creative, humerous, and effective methods invented for clearing caltrops.

Jay El and Manbearpig began coughing and wheezing.  Manbearpig in particular began feeling the effects nearly immediately.  

Shitanya followed Ash, able to run past him incurring only minor damage to her armored feet.  She smashed her huge, dragon talons against the stone, and even bit into the stone with her powerful jaws.  Ash launched himself at the wall with his spear, and Shitanya continued to claw and chomp at the wall.

Manbearpig, on the brink of losing conciousness, summoned a powerful wind, which pushed the gas past the group long enough for a quick breath of revitalizing fresh air.

This cleared Jay El's mind enough for him to hurl his mace into the wall, cracking it, and allowing the gas to dissipate, and the group to make their way out into the open once more, coughing and wheezed, but otherwise unharmed.

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