Jun 15, 2010

Shitanya Alotta Dumpalina the Third

Shitanya came from a long line of Shitanyas.  There was Shitanya the smelly, Shitanya the oily, and finally, Shitanya the fecal.

Depending on who you ask, Shitanya's backstory was either a tale of woe or triumph, of mystery or of downright obvious conclusions.

It was almost as if her entire life story had been carefully crafted, and then abandoned for the sake of fun.

Regardless, there were times where Shitanya enjoyed remembering, or, perhaps just daydreaming, about her past.  In those pseudo memories, her Mother had given birth to two, half dragon babies.  Shitanya and her Brother, Ted.

The fact that they were half-dragon, didn't go over too well with their Father, who wasn't.  It seems that Shitanya II had an interesting liaison with a fellow of the Draconic persuasion, and had neglected to mention it.

Fearful for her babies' lives, Shitanya II fled and hid from her (presumably ex) husband and cared for them for 6 years.

And then, he found them.

It was dark, just before nightfall was at its blackest, when Shitanya III awoke from her strange dream.  There was a grove that she was familiar with, within the dream, as well as a symbol that she'd never seen before, of a white mass with a black mass within it.

Intrigued, and being a free spirit, Shitanya III jumped from her bed and went to the grove.

While there was no strange, glowing mass of either black nor white, there was, upon closer inspection, a small, pink gem.

Shitanya eye's lit up as her smile grew in wonder.  She'd never seen anything so pretty.  She picked it up and raced home, thinking to wake her family to show them what she'd found.

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