Jun 5, 2010

So that's what it sounds like to get stabbed with an Ikea lamp...

Ash wasted no time - launching himself at the nearest, biggest Kobold.  ("biggest" being about the size of a 7 year old human child) and shoved his spear right under his chin and up through the top of his head.  His brains hit the sky and made a strange, bloody rainbow.

For a moment, Ash was transfixed by the sheer beauty of the brainbow.  Then, it was back to business.

Jay El, using his freedom of movement spell, effortlessly escaped his gooey bonds and summoned a Hippogriff, which promptly tore the head off of a nearby Kobold, dumping his body a few feet away.  Shitanya struggled against her bonds, but, perhaps still weakened from her ordeal with the fungus, failed to break her bonds.

The taciturn Manbearpig, on the other hand, snapped free of the web, taking only the briefest of moments to look smugly at Shitanya before shooting at the nearest Kobold.  "Dang." he muttered, missing.

Shitanya, filled with murderous rage, screamed in frustration and tore free of the slime and launched herself at the Kobolds.  One of their riding dogs yiped back in fear, while another, obvlivious to the draconic fury about to be unleashed upon it, bit into Ash's shin.

Ash grunted, and made a shishkabob out of another Kobold, ignoring the pup for now.

The Hippogriff swooped down and disemboweled another Kobold, sending this one a good twenty feet into the air before releasing it.  The battle was going well.  They were all free of their bonds, and remained relatively unscathed by the whole thing.  Ash smiled.  He liked stabbing things.

A huge, Ikea-lamp sized balista bolt shot by his ear.  "Huh." he said, "where'd that com..." another shot and landed in his upper shoulder "frrrooaaaagh!" he finished.

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