Jun 4, 2010

Clumsy Fungus

"Jesus, what the hell happened to your neck?" Jay El asked, as Manbearpig clutched his neck and looked around in a panic.  

Manbearpig looked around silently, as if to signify that he had no clue.  His eyes widened as Jay El's neck performed a similarly odd feat, as it too, sliced open.

"Its invisible!" came Ash's yell, as he lunged towards where he felt the creature might be.

He was right.  His spear sunk deep into... well, something.  It hissed at him and thrashed.  Shitanya, following his lead lunged at the area, and added her claws to the fray.

The creature, writhing in the unanticipatedly accurate assault, launched itself at a new angle, and tripped over its own ovopositor.  Ash looked down, hearing the creature fall, and launched into the air, smacking his own head upon a nearby tree, then cascading down and landing on his nuts.  "Sonovabitch" he gasped.  

Shitanya did something similar, only didn't jump, didn't smash her head, didn't land on her own crotch, and did damage to the creature; leaving it embedded within its flesh in order to make finding it an easier task.

Manbearpig shot an arrow and missed.  "Dang." he cursed.

Jay El smacked it with his mace, and the creature gave up its fight as its blood oozed from its pores.  The group gasped at the horror as it became visible upon its death.

"Man, what a fucked up thing that is" came Shitanya's astute observation.

Manbearpig thought to himself silently that the group had made a fair bit of noise in killing the creature.  He hoped nobody had heard their collective commotion.

A tanglefoot bag, hurled by one of the 4 Kobolds riding their riding dogs, exploded next to the group, engulfing all but the fleet footed ash, who sprung to safety.

"Get them!" Came their lil' barks of fury.

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