Jun 11, 2010

I thought you said search for tarps!

Within this Kobold dungeon, was a long, 10' wide corridor.  

The party hesitantly decided on their marching order, and, electing that Ash should go first, but that Manbearpig should walk alongside him, to look for traps.

Manbearpig knew this was his moment.  Why he had seen what he had seen; why he had practiced that which he had practiced.  To some, his inaction may have seemed lazy, or indecisive.  But he knew.  He'd been practicing squinting for a moment just like this.

Where squinting could be more powerful than any sword.  More helpful than any healing spell.

He squinted into the dungeon.  "No." he said at last.  "No traps here."

Ash sighed a sigh of relief and began walking, activating a pressure plate which immidiately had two large stone doors fall down at either end of the hallway.  "Oh, ummm... there's one trap." Manbearpig lamented.

Caltrops suddenly spewed fourth from the walls, bouncing harmlessly off the party, but seriously littering the floor with obstructions.  "Er... two, kind of." he continued, as poison gas began spraying out from the holes in the walls.  "Three tops." he said.

It seemed his squinting would need more practice.

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