Jun 8, 2010

I hope he's not gettin' too old for this !@#$

The recently-brought-into-existence Hippogriff blinked.  What was it doing here, anyway?  How had it come into being?  It smiled, life on this plane of existence was beautiful.  The colors, the smells.  It could see becoming an artist... perhaps even a poet, for it had so much to say to this beautiful world, in thanks for its mere existence.

It mattered not whence it had came, simply that it was here, now, with a brave, new future in front of it.  Who knew what it could accomplish with practice?

A huge ballista bold pierced its neck and it dropped like a stone.

As it fell, it refused to close its eyes.  Wanting to take every last second of existance with it back, from wherever it was it had been before this amazing adventure.  It had been everything life was supposed to be - lived.

Its skull cracked on the ground, and the Hippogriff, who hadn't quite gotten around to naming itself, vanished once more.

Ash and Shitanya made it to the tower, only to dive out of the way just in time before its operators dumped a cauldron of boiling oil down upon them.  Ash, seizing his opportunity to poke something, darted up the ladder, while Shitanya swore at them from below.

Manbearpig chewed upon a piece of grass with an intensity usually reserved for intense things.

Jay El, somewhat less mobile than the half dragon barbarian and flea-jumping dragoon, huffed and puffed in his plate mail as he attempted to catch up.  "huf huf huff, wuh... wait!  You... you need more healing!" he panted, dodging the occasional arrow as he did so.

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