Jun 16, 2010

Shitanya Alotta Dumpalina the Third

The young half dragon gleefully sprinted home, eager to show her loved ones her newfound treasure.

This proved difficult, as they were all very dead.

Her Father had come.  Her childhood had ended.  She looked down at the beautiful gem in her hands and, for a second, thought to hurl the stone into the fire as if it were cursed and to blame for her misfortune.

She paused in mid-throw, and realised the opposite was true.  The stone, and her coincidental dream was what had saved her from her family's fate.

Alone, and afraid, she vowed that her life being saved this day would lead to great deeds.  She spat into the dirt below her.

Justice would be had.  Both for her, and the world.

She would remove a great many penises from a great many men.

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