Feb 24, 2011

Kame Hame Huh?

"How did you do that!?" Ash asked Raelin, who was still standing there as chunks of toasted Hydra fell all around him, vibrating his fist above his head like Bruce Lee after breaking someone's spine.

"eeeeAAAaaa...eh?  How'd I do what?" he said, putting away his vibrating palm of fury.

"The whole nuke-the-entire-hydra-with-one-blast, thing."

"Oh.  Well, the DM doesn't know how the rules apply to a hydra's multiple heads."


"Good enough for me.  Let's go back to the ice thing."

DM's Note:  Okay no, this conversation didn't happen, but, it will explain to you, the reader, how such an awesome beast could be felled so easily.

[Yay for n00b DMs!]

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