Feb 22, 2011

Hydra Battle pt 2

Twelve regenerative heads upon a very sturdy body, continued chomping and eating as the party cursed and moaned that they hadn't heard Ash's recommendation of retreat, and that really, they should be allowed to time travel as a result.

Ash shrugged, and joined the fray.  They would need his floppy springing and stabbing if they were to survive.

Med squinted, wondering if the beast was male or female, and noticed some sparkley gems upon the underbelly of the creature, reflected in the shiny obsidian floor.  Instantly, she knew that all of her gear and, indeed, very likely within the other gems, her party's gear, resided somehow within them.

"GEMS!  UNDERBELLY!  GEAR!" She yelled, and baywatch ran towards the creature's genitals.

Perhaps it was her heaving bosoms.  Perhaps it was that the Hydra was woefully unloved in this harsh dungeon where its only purpose had been to burst out of a wall dramatically.  Perhaps it was a bad dice roll.  But, it missed her entirely as she ran, slid under, grabbed her gem, and was suddenly renewed with full health, all her gear and, spells of her choosing prepared.

She smiled as she crackled with nearly forgotten abilities and energies.  "The gems are good."

Everyone huzzahed (and also sighed, as she was now clothed)
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