Feb 23, 2011

Hydra Battle pt 3

Med blinded one head, lit afire another, and cleaved with a huge, flaming sword from the heavens down through the center mass of the creature.

Seeing the success an equipped character was having, the rest of the party followed suit.  Raelin was first in line.

"Pants and fire.  Pants and fire.  Oh how I love, pants and fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrre...."  Raelin grabbed the jewels of the creature tight in his fist "BALLS!" he yelled, erupting in an empowered conflagration of cacophonous carnage as though it were an entire fireworks display contained within a very small area, and the composer of the composition went "meh, just shoot 'em all at once"

The beast, understandably fell and died.

Everyone collected their gear, and, was reborn.

"YES." they all collectively said.  "Let's go kick that bloody Petal's ass."

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