Feb 22, 2011

Hydra Battle!

One would imagine that a beast so terrifying that Ash, the fearless springer and stabber of many would recommend a retreat, would, at the very least, make an impact on the rest of the group.

However, they weren't listening to Ash, or, felt that his opinion didn't matter.

Floppily, they nakedly charged the beast.  Some floppily attacked, others floppily cast some spells which required little to no spell components.

Ash sighed and watched them all floppily run to their doom.  "Hello?" he said again, "retreat?"

"what!?" they all yelled back, getting eaten by the hydra.  "Why didn't you say so earlier!?"

: Sorry for the long delay in posts, folks.  Things are back up and running now.  We might be putting this adventure on hold and starting up a new one, but, do not fear, for the n00bs will be there, in some form or another, regardless :)

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