Feb 25, 2011


Raelin peered over the pit, down at the ice below, and noted that, although very, very thick, the ice was not solid.  "I think there's undead sharks swimming below." he noted.  "And possibly some kind of piranha."

"Undead piranha"

"...yes." he sighed "undead piranha"

The group raised their collective hands to discuss strategy while Raelin shot a beam of heat through the 15 feet of ice, into the water below and methodically began depth charging the contents of the frozen lake below with fireballs.

"Well, what if we simply take 20 to thaw the ice?"
"What?  How does that even..."

Raelin sighed and shot ricocheting lightning into the depths below, and smiled as hundreds of undead piranha floated (for no real apparent reason, honestly - its not like they suddenly filled with air) to the surface.

"Can't we just take 20 on anything?  Like, that one time I took 20 on a search check.  Its like that, isn't it?"
"No... 20 doesn't just 'make things happen' it implies you're taking a very thorough, long approach to something, not altering reality..."
"Well then what are we 'taking'?"

Raelin noted that his approach was working and, using his noodle (or rather, his fireball) he detonated a spell with the center of the ice at the epicenter, neatly frying a shark, and making a 30' hole in the ice through which he could, upon a whim of which he was quite unlikely to have, jump into.

Noting that there was one more shark alive, he fried it.

"Tribby." he smiled, "go jump into the freezing water and grab the chest, will you?"

There was a splash and the yell of one of the more common battle cries of an early teen.


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