Mar 17, 2011

Summary (didn't want to write this one as it was the end of the campaign)

they battle the red dragon, Jay El dies.  They escape, convince the former owners that they are the dragon taken human form, get worshiped, and, as the volcano erupts, they escape, leaving children to burn.

They collectively jump, hippogriff, bird-fly, chain climb, and man-fly out, the volcano erupts, they fly and note 12 dwarves with tower shields, Tribby immediately announces to use them as snowboards, they do.

They snowboard down, mold explodes, Med falls almost into lava, Raelin saves her with chains - they bond-snowboard down, they follow Manbearpig, who leads them to the Dwarven ship, where they plow through a shitload of undead, attaining minor wounds, and jump, fly, and dimension door their way onto the ship as it takes off to the water.

Upon landing on the ship, they meet and... befriend the captain via thuggery, and, opt to sleep on the ship while Ash stands guard.

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