Mar 17, 2011

(seriously, so much cool stuff)

The battle waged on, but, alas, despite the uber-ness of the Dragon, t'was not enough to kill off the party.  (er... I mean... verily the party overtook the dragon and there was much rejoicing)

The Dragon fell to the ground, defeated, and, suddenly, the world began that weird, Zelda-esque world-fade-out-thing, and, the party realized that they each had just enough time to grab a single item before the world faded out completely.

However, as the group was rather innovative, they all managed to cheat with various speed enhancing or quick-locating options, and, were able to snag multiple swags.

  Shirt of bone Damage reduction 3/bludgeoning
  Horned Helm 1d8 +1/2 str  (extra attack)
  Ring of wizardry I Doubles 1st-level spells per day
  Ring of protection +3 +3 deflection bonus to AC
  Belt of giant strength +6 +6 enhancement bonus to Str
  Variable Shield - from buckler to tower
  Fleshgrinding throwing axe 1d6
  Crystal of life drinking, least Heal 1 damage every time you damage a living creature, up to 10 damage per day 
  Crystal of life drinking, greater Heal 5 damage every time you damage a living creature, up to 50 damage/day 
 AMULET OF EMERGENCY HEALING 1d4+5 (yourself or others, instant) 3x p/day
 Crystal [DR 5/—, prevents up to 50 damage per day]
 Cloak of arachnida Various web and spider-based effects 
 Cloak of weaponry Store one Medium weapon 
  Fish Tank
  Belt of hidden pouches Holds items in 30 pockets, which function as small bags of holding 
  (Filled with sooooo much cool stuff)

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