Mar 15, 2011

Hit 'em high, hit 'em high

The group landed in a icy cave, and noted that the icy walls were filled with diamonds, as well as seemingly masterwork items, rings, pendents, cloaks, and a few lesser gems and seemingly mundane items as well.

"Jackpot!" Yelled Raelin as the group landed upon a icy mound which roared and stood up upon their descent.

"Dragon!" yelled Ash, and, silently to himself, "(about friggin' time)"

The white dragon roared its challenge upon the party and shot fourth its icy breath, freezing many of them in place while Ash and Raelin managed to dodge in time.

"I'll hit him high!" is what one of them should have yelled, or, optionally "you hit him low" would have worked just as well, assuming cooperative and amicable teamwork.

However, Ash jumped high, and Raelin shot fireball high.  Both... hit the dragon.  One hit the dragon... and Ash, who steamed, angrily (and due to the heat).

"Totally accidental!" Raelin yelped, surprisingly sincere.

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