Apr 1, 2012

Emasculating Acid

8 looked around at his holy battle and frowned.  Tyr HAD mentioned something about him being blessed and righteous... had he not?  Something about being empowered with something-something-god-stuff?

Another arrow shot him in the liver.

Sonovabitch, that was starting to really hurt!  He hit the lock again.  How was he supposed to save the day when he could be defeated by a padlock?  Was he missing something?  Was he supposed to be praying or something?

The slave girl, who seemed to be judging him hit the lock with some kind of acid, and it popped open.

"I totally loosened that for you." he muttered to himself quietly "YOU'RE FREE!" he bellowed, "FOLLOW ME, TO SAFETY!" the slaves all looked at him as he spun around triumphantly and moved his way back to the wall he'd so recently vaulted, and shrugged to one another.

The girl with the acid decided to go for it.
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