Mar 24, 2012

D'uh, stay outta riverdale

It was nightfall, and Remzik had just closed in upon his prey.

"Confederate bastards."He cursed under his breath as he studied their encampment.  "I'll kill you for what you've done!"

Remzik wasn't usually the "I'll burn you alive" type, but, they had murdered his entire family... so... well, anyway, he set about his plan of attack, drawing it out in intricate detail.  It was a master plan of stealth and trickery.  The encampment, though showing signs that it would one day be quite formidable, was still heavily under construction.  While there were high ramparts, the walls themselves were about 4' high.  It also looked like they were under-manned...

They'd never know what had hit them, and he, he would finally have his vengeance.  All he need do now, was...

"HEEEEY YOOOU GUUUUYS!" Yelled a shiny Paladin on the opposite side of the encampment.

Remzik sighed and facepalmed himself.  "I guess that'd work, too."

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